Nose Piercings – Sacramento

Nose Piercings Sacramento

Nose Piercings – Sacramento

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When it comes to nose piercing, people have lots questions: What types of nose piercings could I get? Which side of the nose should I pierce? Does nose piercing hurt? What nose ring is best for me? Where do I learn how to clean a nose piercing? And the list goes on…

Septum Piercing With Circular Barbell Nostril Piercings – These piercings are done on either the left or right side of the nostril, or both, usually in or around the Supra Alar Crease, which is the indented area where the nostril first starts to flare. The more unusual version of this is the high nostril piercing, which requires placing smaller jewelry (~20g) through the nostril at a higher point, closer to the nasal bridge. It can be tricky to change high nostril piercing jewelry yourself; definitely ask your piercer to help you the first time.

Septum Piercings – These piercings go through the “sweet spot”, which is the soft tissue between the Columella (underside of your nose) and the bottom end of the septum, which divides your nose. Septum piercings should not go through the cartilage itself; that mistake can be extremely painful.

Less common nose piercings include:

Double Bridge Piercing | Nose Piercing PicturesBridge Piercings (A.K.A. Earl Piercings) – A bridge piercing is done between the eyes, across the bridge of the nose. Bridge piercings are highly prone to rejection because they’re surface piercings. Every surface piercing wages war on the body, which tries to push out any small, foreign object that gets under the skin (think splinter). The only way a surface piercing can win is if the body has to expend more energy to push the jewelry out than it would if it just accepted the intruder and healed around it. That’s why an experienced piercer will place a surface piercing as deeply as possible beneath the skin and use the heaviest gauge jewelry appropriate for the area being pierced. Unfortunately, the bridge of the nose can’t accommodate a very deep piercing or a very heavy gauge jewelry, because there’s limited tissue between the dermis and the bone below. If you get one and it rejects, you could end up with an ugly scar between your eyes.
If you have enough space on your bridge, it is possible to get a double bridge piercing like the Body Mod Photo Gallery member to the right did. It’s not advisable to get two bridge piercings at once, though, because that could increase your chances of rejecting both piercings and ending up with even worse scars. It’s best to wait at least a few months after the first bridge piercing is healed to get a second one.

Nasallang Piercings – This is a tricky 3-in-1 piercing that’s the nose’s equivalent of an industrial ear piercing, since it requires a long, straight barbell. With this piercing, a piercer goes through one nostril from the outside, through the sweet spot (below the septum/above the Columella), and out through the opposite nostril. You can see the exact placement of a nasallang piercing in the diagram below.

Rhinoceros Piercings (A.K.A. Vertical Nose Tip Piercings) – The “Rhino” is a piercing that places jewelry behind the tip of the nose (called the Tip Defining Point), so that one end of the jewelry perches on the center tip of the nose, and the other end protrudes from the front-underside of the nose. This is done by piercing through the underside of the nose, just in front of the Infratip Break (i.e. the underside of your nose, close to the tip) and out between or slightly behind the domes that form the Tip Defining Point.