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Pros and Cons of Nose Piercing in Sacramento

Are you ready to get a Nose Piercing in Sacramento

If you think that getting your nose pierced is the same as getting other parts of your body pierced, because it isn’t. First, if it is not cared for properly the piercing can become infected, something that can cause pain, discomfort and tissue damage. A Nostral piercing can also make people see you in a negative way, as a lot of employers are uncomfortable with such piercings.

Before Getting a Piercing
When considering a nose piercing the first thing you should do is to consult your doctor, as they will be able to give you some advice on whether getting such a piercing is going to be right for you. If you already have a pre-existing health condition, a piercing can lead to complications, so seeking medical advice is a must.

Taking Care of the Piercing
Taking care of your piercing is important, and not something that you should take for granted. In order to keep your piercing free from germs, you should wash the area at least 2 times per day with an antiseptic solution. Keeping yourself free of infection also means not touching your nose or the jewelry, otherwise you could cause infection as well as tissue damage.

The Pros
• Piercings can look great.
• Nose piercings are a simple piercing to have, and it is does not cause a lot of pain.
• So long as you look after it, the wound will heal very rapidly.
• There is a wide selection of nose jewelry to choose from.
• It is a piercing that is difficult for the piercer to make a mistake on.
• If you do not want the piercing anymore, simply take it out and the hole will not take too long to completely heal, and no scar will be left behind.


The Cons
• A lot of employers will ask you to remove them when you are on their premises.
• The wound can heal quickly if you remove the jewelry for more than a couple of days.
• The stud can fall out when you are asleep.
• The hole can easily become infected, causing pain, disfigurement and bleeding.
• It can take a bit of getting used when you first have it done, and simple things such as blowing your nose and sneezing with a nose ring can be a new experience.

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Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?

This is the most common question I have been asked about my nose piercing. It actually requires two answers. The initial piercing was no sweat. It was so fast, all I felt was a slight pinch and it was done with. I have had shots that were more painful than that. (I also joked with the nose piercing professional that nothing hurts in comparison to childbirth, which I have experienced twice now.) That being said, the recovery from the piercing was no walk in the park. But, in my opinion, the discomfort from the nose piercing was much less than the discomfort I felt when I got the cartilage in my ear pierced.

Nose Piercings done in Sacramento

The second most popular type of body piercing in the world after ears is the nostril piercing. A longtime presence in Indian, African and South Pacific cultures, in the last three decades this small bit of body jewelry has gone from rare to nearly everywhere in the US and Europe. Yet as prevalent as this piercing seems, it can be tricky to heal without complications and is cause of much debate in the professional working world.

What you will find here is information about the different types of nose piercings that exist, information and advice for before you get pierced, options for nose jewelry, videos of nose piercings being done, some piercing “no-nos” to avoid and much more.

nose piercing sacramento

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Sacramento Nose Piercings

LEFT SIDE PIERCING left-side-nose-piercing

Often times, the left side of the nose is the most preferred side for piercing. According to Ayurveda, the left side of the women’s nose corresponds with their reproductive organs. When the nose is pierced, it helps in reducing the pain during childbirth and may have some positive effects on conditions like endometriosis.

RIGHT SIDE PIERCING right-side-nose-piercing

Some say, if you are a guy, you need to pierce your left nostril and girls pierce their right nostril. However, it is thought if the guy wears it in the right nostril he is a gay and girls wearing it on the left are lesbians according to western culture. But, do not take this too seriously, wear it where you want left or right. It is your priority and comfort that matters.

SEPTUM PIERCING septum-piercing

Apart from the traditional left or right side, the other area you can opt for is the septum. The septum is the area at the bottom of the nose that is hidden and can only be seen from the underside. The jewelry that can be used for this area are straight barbells that are about 14 gauge, circular barbells that are also of 14 gauge with a 3/8 inch diameter or 14 gauge septum retainers.

NOSE BRIDGE PIERCING nose-bridge-piercing

Piercing on the bridge of the nose is another wild and a rebellious way to express themselves, for the MTV crowd. Bridge is the area where the nose meets the forehead. While piercing the bridge, the nose ring passes through the skin only, not the cartilage. For bejeweling the bridge, one should opt for straight barbells that are 16 or 14 gauge in thickness.

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Nose Piercing Reviews in Sacramento

Very clean, professional and personable. Took my 17yr old daughter here to get her ears pierced. They accommodated her and her fears. I would definetly go back to get more piercings and tattoos.

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