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Nose Rings Online

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Lady Gaga Gets Her Nose Pierced in ‘ARTPOP’ Promo

Lady Gaga Nose Pierced

Lady Gaga shared another intimate moment with fans this week with a video of herself getting her septum pierced.

In the nearly minute-long video, posted to YouTube by makeup artist Tara Savelo with the title “haus life,” a fresh-faced Gaga lies on her back while a man works at her nose. At the beginning and end of the clip, which is set to a pounding house soundtrack, the title of Gaga’s forthcoming new album, ARTPOP, flashes across the screen.

The New Immortals: Lady Gaga

The piercing was apparently done at Chicago’s MasterMind Ink, which posted a photo of the newly-ringed Gaga on their Facebook page. “Lady Gaga stopped by MasterMind Ink today and had our Head Piercer and Manager Steve Bennett pierce her septum,” the caption says.

ARTPOP is due out on November 11th, and Lady Gaga will reportedly debut the first single from the album live at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25th.


Does it hurt to get your nose pierced?

This is the most common question I have been asked about my nose piercing. It actually requires two answers. The initial piercing was no sweat. It was so fast, all I felt was a slight pinch and it was done with. I have had shots that were more painful than that. (I also joked with the nose piercing professional that nothing hurts in comparison to childbirth, which I have experienced twice now.) That being said, the recovery from the piercing was no walk in the park. But, in my opinion, the discomfort from the nose piercing was much less than the discomfort I felt when I got the cartilage in my ear pierced.

Nose Piercing Reviews in Sacramento

Very clean, professional and personable. Took my 17yr old daughter here to get her ears pierced. They accommodated her and her fears. I would definetly go back to get more piercings and tattoos.

Stylz Tattoos & Piercings
2228 J St Sacramento, CA 95816


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Best Places For Nose Piercings In Sacramento CA

It is fairly common for people of all ages and genders to get a body piercing these days. Once a person decides to get their Nose, or any body part pierced, the next question is where to go. You are going to pay someone to poke a hole in your body and hang jewelry from it. It is a good idea to go to someone who is experienced and knows what he or she is doing. You want to find places that have a good reputation, have a clean well-lit environment and have piercing experts that can help you select the jewelry appropriate for your piercing. You also need to know that they will pierce the right location and give you advice on how to care for you new piercing.

Stylz Tattoos & Piercings  2228 J Street Sacramento, CA 95816
www.SacramentoTattooShops.com | 916-284-8091